Our continuous endeavor is to support education institutes to train and create talents and establish its brand identity and become choice of students. Our well experienced team is aiming at bringing the required behavioral change in student by providing varied solutions such as soft skills building training, corporate inputs, general awareness, etc. NAM soft skills provides a complete package that enables the students to develop intrests and competence to set their professional goals. We do this by helping them to identify gaps and work on their individual strengths and the professional requirements as per the standards.

Our Aim is to create a transition among students from Studious to Talented. It is our ability to relate comfortably with the individual’s needs and help him / her to identify gaps and grow. We believe that each individual has his / her own core competence that he / she needs to identify and sharpen. We help the individual to identify interest and competence and show ways and methods to enhance it. We provide such supports through one to one seatings , small group workshops and open house programs.



Nam soft skills program:

Whether you are a fresher student getting ready to be part of the big ocean of highly qualified professionals ,or a new graduate planning for that all important job interview,or a businessman seeking to crack that big deal or a corporate executive wanting to climb the corporate ladder, or a young lady looking to make a success of her home and working life, it's vital you have the cutting edge, the first time, all the time. Something that makes you stand apart from the crowd. Now  this is where the question comes as to what are these things that give you an elevated platform compared to the person who passed out with equal if not more qualification than you have. The answer comes in the form of soft skills. Soft skills "are as important, if not more important, than traditional hard skills to an employer looking to hire -- regardless of industry or job type.


It is generally understood that soft skills are not always taught through traditional education and are competencies that you learns from family members or by observing other people. Fortunately, the good news is that in this day and age, there are several options available for people to get professional guidance and trainings.


So how do we go about polishing our soft skills?

One should start by asking - which skills do I have and which ones do I need to develop?

Do not be disheartened if you possess only a handful of soft skills, because you can always acquire more. It might feel like a tedious process, but honing soft skills is certainly possible. However, they are not easy to learn through merely reading some do-it-yourself books.

Also as we acquire one skill, it helps us to learn another as they often overlap. For example, verbal communication includes positive and amiable interaction with others, to discuss plans and strategies, to make decisions and convey these to others. This in itself involves multiple methods which could be deployed to communicate.


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